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Vichy Liftactive Supreme Review


 Hey there, fellow beauty enthusiasts! Today, I’m super excited to dive into a review of a product that has been creating quite a buzz in the skincare community – the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme! If you’re on the lookout for a skincare solution that promises to fight the signs of aging and help you achieve that radiant, youthful glow, you’re in for a treat. Join me as I unbox, try out, and share my honest opinions about this popular product.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Opening up the beautifully packaged Vichy LiftActiv Supreme was a delight in itself. The sleek design and classy color scheme immediately gave off a sense of luxury. The product came in a sturdy jar, exuding an air of elegance that made it feel like a treat for the skin. The packaging was not just eye-catching but also practical, ensuring the formula’s longevity.


Skin Type:

  • Normal to combination
  • Sensitive

Product type:

  • Anti-wrinkle

Key Ingredients: 



  • Firming, Anti-aging 
  • Free from parabens


  • Cream

Price range:

  • $40 – $45

The Vichy LiftActiv Supreme claims to be a powerful anti-aging cream that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Packed with skin-loving ingredients like rhamnose and volcanic water, this cream aims to revitalize the skin’s elasticity and plumpness.

How to Apply

  • You should apply the cream onto skin that is both clean and dry.

My Experience

After incorporating the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme into my skincare routine, I noticed that the cream had a smooth, lightweight texture that absorbed into my skin effortlessly. There was no greasy residue, and it felt comfortable on my skin throughout the day. It also played well with my makeup, which is always a bonus! I started noticing a subtle improvement in the overall appearance of my skin after a few weeks of consistent use.

Wrapping up my journey with the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme, I must say that this product has definitely made its mark in the world of skincare. While the price might be a bit steep, the formula’s effectiveness in improving skin’s elasticity and overall appearance is impressive. If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality anti-aging cream that offers real results, this could be a great addition to your skincare regimen. Just keep in mind your personal preferences and skin type. Here’s to achieving that lifted, youthful radiance we all strive for!


Vichy’s cream is formulated for individuals with normal to combination skin, aiming to address wrinkles. It boasts a lightweight texture, rapid absorption, effective hydration, and leaves the skin non-greasy. Over an extended period of use, it undeniably leads to a subtle decrease in fine lines. The cost is approximately $40.

Vichy Liftactive Supreme

7.2 out of 10
Absorbs quickly
8.7 out of 10
5.7 out of 10


Lightweight texture that doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

Absorbs quickly, making it suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.

Free from parabens, which is a great option for those with sensitive skin.


The price point might be on the higher side for some.

Results can vary based on individual skin types and concerns.


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